Huix-Rotllant’s homepage

I’m Miquel Huix-Rotllant, CNRS researcher. My expertise is in theoretical chemistry, especially focused on modeling photochemistry of photoactive proteins.



My current research focus on:

  • Development of QM/MM methodologies for excited states.
  • Energy dissipation in photoactive proteins.
  • Quantum dynamics of spin transitions in organic and organometallic complexes.

I’m currently working on the photochemistry of these two proteins:



Current research group:

Latest publications:

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2016-2021 – ANR-JCJC – On the quest of a biological compass: magnetic field effects on the cryptochrome protein (BIOMAGNET)

2020 – 2024 – ANR-PRCi – Multiple trajectories towards excited states (MULTICROSS)

2019 – 2021 – PHC STAR – Development of new DFT methods for excited states

2021 – 2022 – ERC Booster: Organic radicals for quantum computing


2017-2020 – Karno Schwinn – PhD student – BIOMAGNET

2018 – Padmabati Mondal – Postdoctoral researcher – BIOMAGNET– Current: IISER Tirupati