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Damage and Repair in Informational Poly(N‐substituted urethane)s

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Damage and Repair in Informational Poly(N‐substituted urethane)s

The degradation and repair of uniform sequence‐defined poly(N‐substituted urethane)s was studied. Polymers containing an ω‐OH end‐group and only ethyl carbamate main‐chain repeat units rapidly degrade in NaOH solution through an ω→α depolymerization mechanism with no apparent sign of random chain cleavage. The degradation mechanism is not notably affected by the nature of the side‐chain N‐substituents and took place for all studied sequences. On the other hand, depolymerization is significantly influenced by the molecular structure of the main‐chain repeat units. For instance, hexyl carbamate main‐chain motifs block unzipping and can therefore be used to control the degradation of specific sequence sections. Interestingly, the partially degraded polymers can also be repaired ; for example by using a combination of N,N′‐disuccinimidyl carbonate with a secondary amine building‐block. Overall, these findings open up interesting new avenues for chain‐healing and sequence editing.

Dr. Tathagata Mondal, Prof. Dr. Laurence Charles, Dr. Jean‐François Lutz
First published : 11 August 2020,