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The International School on Spin at Aix Marseille University (IS2AMU) is an action that will be launched on September 2018. The Action will be implemented in the existing Master of Chemistry, Master of Nanosciences & Nanothechnologies, and Master of Physics, and in the associated Graduate Schools. The enrolled students have to be registered in one of these Master programs and will obtain an additional label indicative of the International training.

Registration :
Students have to register to IS2AMU by contacting :

The IS2AMU program will train qualified individuals for careers in research, development, and teaching. The IS2AMU action is considered an enhanced educational label with international experience and it is awarded for enhanced knowledge on attracting scientific topics, creative work and improved communication skills, with a training toward the development of autonomous research by a professional scientist. The students will experience a new scientific culture.
This ambitious Action will be a rich opportunity for Master and PhD’s students to enhance their academic trajectory by acquiring new scientific and management skills, performing trainings in foreign universities, enlarging their professional network, and by improving their scientific maturity. All these benefits will enhance their employability and boost their career as young scientists.

Figure 1 : Main dates and actions of the IS2AMU program
Additionally to the courses of the Master degrees, students will be offered :

  • Seminars given by internationally renowned scientists,
  • ‘In lab’ AMU training with a supervisor to guide the student (4h/week, 1st semester)
  • Research training in foreign universities (corresponding to the Master training, 3 to 6 months, 2nd semester) funded by IS2AMU program,
  • Two workshops for improving scientific, managerial and communication skills,
  • 2-Day-training in the AMU EPR national facility
  • Training School (June).

The fields covered by IS2AMU are wide and include Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopies, Nanosciences, and Physics.
The international partners groups involved in the IS2AMU are higly-renowned and offer a wide range of possibilities for students, ranging from methodologies in organic synthesis to spectroscopies, theoretical calculations, functional materials, supramolecular chemistry, photochemistry, energy storage and energy conversion, (bio)catalysis, magnetism, free radicals in biochemistry and medicine, advanced EPR spectroscopy.