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Resp. Stéphane Gastaldi

Organic Molecular Chemistry team (CMO)
Resp. Stéphane Gastaldi


Develop new synthetic methodologies involving free radicals and / or organometallic compounds. Study of radical reactions in a confined environment.


  • synthesis and evaluation of new molecules in radical reactions
  • stereo- and enantio-selective syntheses (chirality memory)
  • dynamic kinetic resolution
  • enzymatic synthesis of polyether amides
  • Radical chemistry in confined environments


Permanent Fonction No-Permanent Statut
Stéphane Gastaldi DR CNRS Pierre NABOKOFF Doctorant MESR
Michèle Bertrand Pr AMU Guillaume BRULAY Doctorant ANR
Eric Besson MCF AMU
Laurence Feray Pr AMU
Dominique Mouysset IE CNRS


Aix-Marseille University
Institut of Radical Chimistry, UMR 7273
Laboratory CMO
Avenue Escadrille Normandie-Niemen
13397 Marseille cedex 20
Tel;: 33 (0)4 91 28 82 32

Detailed description of the activities of CMO team

Scientific positioning

The CMO team aims to develop new synthesis methodologies involving radical intermediaries. However, in recent years our strategy has been to extend our skills to interfaces with the fields of materials, bioconversions and supramolecular chemistry ...

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