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Resp. Pr. Gérard Audran]

Radical Chemistry team Applied to Biology (CRAB)
Resp. Pr. Gérard Audran]

Scientific Fields:

Our research is focused on the reactivity of organic radicals investigated by means of EPR, MS and NMR and applications of these radicals in organic chemistry and biology. Thus, we are involved on the synthesis of new smart molecules, which can be used in Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science, Imaging, Medicinal chemistry for cancer or parasites, and in fundamental radical chemistry as well as EPR. Our research activities are developed along seven main axes.

Key Words: Contrast Agents, EPR, MRI, Nitroxides, Alkoxyamines, Enzymes, Theranostics, Overhauser-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging.


Organic Synthesis
Preparation of stable free radical species.
Characterization of organic compounds (ESR, NMR, MS…)
Radical Chemistry
Physico-Chemical Investigations (kinetic experiments, solvent effects…)


Permanent Fonction No-Permanent Statut
Gérard Audran Pr.AMU Maxence Holzritter Doctorant
Maurice Santelli Pr. Emérite AMU Indranil Duttagupta Post-doctorant A*Midex
Sylvain Marque Pr.AMU Samuel Jacoutot Doctorant
Valérie Roubaud MCF AMU Jean-Patrick Joly Post-doctorant ANR
Nina Girard Doctorant
To Hai Tung Doctorant
Tataye Moussounda Moussounda Koumba Doctorant


Research Field of CRAB Team

Axis 1: Nitroxides as Contrast Agents in Overhauser-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Pr. G. AUDRAN).

Lungs inflammatory diseases such as COPD are the cause of 2.5 M death worldwide. These diseases have in common a high influx of neutrophils that secrete proteases responsible for the progressive loss of lungs function.

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