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Resp. Pr. Didier Siri

Theoretical Chemistry team (CT)
Resp. Pr. Didier Siri


To develop and apply theoretical chemistry methods for the study of radical systems (photochemistry, reactivity, macromolecules). Moreover, methods are also developed to predict the macroscopic properties of materials as well as their nanostructuration.

  • classical methods (Molecular Mechanics, Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo, Mesoscale)
  • quantum methods
  • hybrid methods (QM / MM)


Permanent Fonction
Didier Siri Pr AMU
Nicolas Ferré Pr AMU
Mario Barbatti Pr AMU
(chaire A*Midex)
Vincent Ledentu MCF AMU
Séverine Queyroy-Girard MCF AMU
Anouk Gaudel-Siri MCF AMU
Miquel Huix-Rotllant CR CNRS

For accessing the complete list of the CT members, knowing more about our research activities, etc, visit our web page.

Aix-Marseille University
Institute of Radical Chemistry, UMR7273
Theoretical chemistry group
Avenue Escadrille Normandie-Niemen
Case D42
13397 Marseille cedex 20
Tel: 33 (0)4 13 55 05 32

Description of the Theoretical Chemistry team

Scientific positioning:

The "Theoretical Chemistry" team occupies a transversal position within the UMR thanks to its collaborations with the different teams of experimenters...

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