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Resp. Didier Gigmes

Organic radical Chemistry team and Polymers of specialty (CROPS)
Resp. Didier Gigmes


Study and understand the radical processes involved in polymer chemistry (synthesis, degradation, stabilization, ...). To develop synthesis methodologies based on radical chemistry to obtain complex macromolecular architectures. Synthesis of polymeric materials with specific properties with applications in various fields such as the environment, energy or health.

  • physico-chemical studies (kinetics, EPR, spin-trapping)
  • organic synthesis
  • radical polymerization controlled by nitroxides
  • polymer synthesis
  • characterization of polymers in solution and in solid phase  


Permanent Fonction No-Permanent Statut
Didier Gigmes DR CNRS Marion Verdoni Ingénieur Ino’ya
Jean-Louis Clément MCF AMU Ségolène Vilotte Doctorante ANR
Frédéric Dumur MCF AMU - HDR Marine Bonnevide Doctorante CIFRE
Yohann Guillaneuf CR CNRS Nicolas Zivic Doctorant ANR
Cathy Lefay MCF AMU Chloé Mollet Doctorante CIFRE
Sébastien Maria MCF AMU Adèle Ferrand Doctorante ANR
Trang Phan MCF AMU - HDR Jason Morris Doctorant Cotutelle QUT-AMU
Thomas Trimaille MCF AMU - HDR Kawtar Mouhat Doctorante A*Midex
Kamel Mabrouk IR CNRS Daniel Rakotonirina Doctorant ANR
Marion Rollet IE AMU Avner Simeoni Doctorant ANR
Laurent Autissier TCE AMU Jean-Claude Honoré Doctorant ANR
Anthony Kermagoret MCF AMU Anna Lin Doctorant ANR
Malek Nechab MCF AMU David Rayeroux Post-doctorant ANR
Hien Ho The Post-doctorant ANR
Vincent Pertici Post-doctorant ANR
Elisabetta Fedelli Post-doctorante SATT
Cédric Ysacco Post-doctorant Carnot STAR


Aix-Marseille University
Institut Chimie Radicalaire, UMR 7273
team CROPS
Avenue Escadrille Normandie-Niemen
Service 542
13397 Marseille cedex 20
Phone: 33 (0)4 91 28 80 83

Detailed description of the CROPS Team

Scientific positioning

The research activities of the CROPS team aim to develop synthesis methodologies mainly based on controlled radical polymerization (PRC) by nitroxides, to obtain complex macromolecular architectures...

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